Simple Architecture of Node.js microservice

Prerequisites for building microservices architecture with Node.js

  1. Node.js and npm (The Node.js installation will also install npm.)
  2. Working knowledge of JavaScript and Node.js
  3. Some exposure to the HTTP protocol

please note I am using Ubuntu 18.04 OS

This application shows how to create loosely coupled microservices.

What this application do ?

  1. There are javascript heroes (developers) who can be assigned one task at a time. You can add many functions of adding new heroes removing them so on and so forth but we will not do that in this article. They have powers like various JS skills (like Node.js, react.js…

Run Fluentd in docker container and let node.js push log messages to it

This is is going to be very short blog for those who know about Node.js, express.js web apps, Little bit about docker containers but don’t know how to use fluentd inside docekr container and push logs to fluentd from Node js web app. I am assuming yoyu are using ubuntu 16.4 or greater. Please refer to respective documents for your linux.

Let’s get started….

refer below commands to run fluentd in docker so that it can listen for log messages coming from node.js on HTTP protocol. …

This story is about handling database migrations in your project. As title tells I am using Node.js on server side knex.js as ODM/ORM to connect to PstgreSQL DB and execute SQL queries. This is a short story so i will briefly explain the meaning of commands. make sure your Node version is 12.20.0 or above. I am using PostgrSQL DB.

Lets get started.

on terminal run following commands one after the other…

mkdir knex-migrcd knex-migrmkdir migrationsnpm init -ynpm install knex knex-migrate pgnpx knex init

- above command will create ./knexfile.js file at the root of…

Full stack app with Node.js, Express, Postgres and Knockout.js — very easy

This tutorial will show you to create simple web app using

Node.js + Express + PostgreSQL DB to store data on server side. Client side will be a simple and effective Knockout.js

The instructions for installations here are applicable to Ubuntu Linux and other Linux/linux like environment. Please check corrosponding document for your OS.

To get the most out of this tutorial, there are a few prerequisites:

Sachin the Noder

I am an IT specialist working as a lead Node js programmer

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